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KAV Screens not displaying

  • I'm just wrapping up my evaluation of Kaseya. One thing that's been surprisingly tough to fix is that I cannot view any KAV screens. Regardless of which option in the tree I click on, I get a blank screen in the VSA for AV.  A Kaseya engineer told me I needed to use I.E. as it is not having this problem.  However, I get the same thing using I.E. 11. Seems pretty basic but still cannot figure out how to correct. Anyone have suggestions?



  • Doug,

    Running IE 11 (11.0.9600.17843), I can't reproduce the same issue on either R8 or R9 with IE security at Med-high and Privacy at Medium.  You might try refreshing/reloading the entire browser page, rather than just reloading the specific module page or lowering your security/privacy settings (temporarily) to see whether that makes any difference.  Chrome and FireFox (latest versions) are also working for me.  

    Just to help narrow down whether there is perhaps a unique conflict, you might try accessing the module from another computer, ideally on a different network (public or home wifi, for example).  This isn't a long-term solution, of course, but potential ways to pinpoint a culprit.

    Update:  It looks like there may be an issue specific to the trial environment.  We'll investigate further and get that resolved.

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  • Hey  

    I can confirm this issue on your behalf.

    I will create a helpdesk ticket and in turn it will need to go to development for review.

    Additionally, I will CC you on the ticket I create for your instance so you can follow along with the updates.

    Please let me know if I can clarify or assist further.