We are currently still running Kaseya 6.3. We have been planning that we would make a fresh install of Kaseya 7 on new server, move over relevant scripts, monitor sets and move customers one by one to new server. This would serve as a quality check that we do what we promise with Kaseya and also do "house" cleaning getting rid of old monitor sets, scripts, some modules we won't be using anymore etc

We have VMWare cluster with hosts of 12 cores and 256Gb RAM and EMC VNXe 3150, which will be replaced with VNXe 3200 someday and then we get SSD goodiness. We have 2000-2500 agents, KAV, KSDU. For OS Windows 2012 R2 Server and for SQL 2012

Would you recommend single or split virtual machines? Would splitting improve security or just make it worse?

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