Hi All,

I am new to all things Kaseya, so please excuse the stupid questions.

The individual responsible for managing our Kaseya server left the company a while back. In his wake he left a broken server. Most of the functionality has been repaired and brought back online with the exception of the Ticketing features. To complicate things we also use ConnectWise and have previously had the two services talking; CW would pull tickets from KA.

I believe I have repaired the connection between KA and CW but, I am not able to tell for sure as KA is not creating any tickets and has not for more than a year. What I would like to know is where can I go to figure that out? I have yet to find any sort of setup doc aimed at a Kaseya/ConnectWise combination. I am not sure if KA is not generating tickets because something is turned off or if something is broken. Perhaps no alerts are being generated so no tickets are being created?

As I poke around Kaseya I see a mix of settings that are aimed @ my user and once that are specific to that module. That just ads to my confusion.

Kaseya is @ v6.5 and ConnectWise is @ v2014.1

Any help or suggestions would be great.