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Kaseya minimum requirements changed !!

  • I tried to install patch today.

    When I ran Kinstall.exe I got a very unpleasent surprise.

    New requirements are Minimum Windows 2008 AND SQL Server 2008

    I'll create a ticket about it because the check does not complain about it only the Kinstall.exe itself.

    Screen shot attached.

    My salesrep was also surprised, I'll create a ticket about it.

    Anybody else got this ?

    FYI : I installed 6.5 at the beginning of the month and then there were no such requierements.

    To let know I already have 6.5 running on Windows 2003 R2 and SQL 2005
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  • It's in the System Requirements... help.kaseya.com/.../index.asp

    Perhaps the KInstall was recently updated to perform the check?

    Either way, you're running on an unsupported configuration... so...

  • Hi Brian, I'd like to disagree with you on that.

    When I updated the server in the beginning of the month, the check when through and told me the SQL version and Windows OS version where ok, and installed without a problem.

    When a technician went over the configuration the only complaint I got from him was to add a little extra memory besides that it was fine.

    Now with the new Kinstall it complains, the check that runs BEFORE you get to this screen says everything is fine and go for install......

    The requirements CHANGED after I installed on the 1st of February.

    I would have appreciated Kaseya clearly stating the fact in advance.

    None of the SQL 2008 special features seem to be used at the moment, and it will create another cost to upgrade for main companies.

  • I'm aware of a SQL 2008 requirement change that was made at some point after the first version of 6.5 was released. I'll get this forwarded over to support.

  • I think it was probably an honest mistake on Kaseya's part, i.e. the check in KInstall not having been implemented to line up with the release notes' requirements until a recent update to KInstall (which is continually improved).

    The release notes outlining the system requirements were last updated on 2/3, per the bottom of this page: http://help.kaseya.com/WebHelp/EN/VSA/6050000/Reqs/index.asp#11465.htm

    I don't think it's fair to unequivocally state that 

    None of the SQL 2008 special features seem to be used at the moment
    .  I didn't write KServer.exe and AgentMon.exe... I'd trust the people who /did/ to make that assessment.

  • Sorry Brian,

    I did check the requirements before I updated to, and also the requirements module of Kinstall did that then. The page you are referring to changed after that.

    It might be unequivocally of me that state that, but the current version runs fine on my SQL 2005.

    I'm also a programmer and I see little that can't be done in SQL 2005 that can be in 2008, but that's besides the point.

    The point is that when Kaseya changed SQL versions before they made a loud statement about it well before everybody started upgrading. They might have meant to do that for this release as well but they just didn't make it clear.

    This is supposed to be a TRUST release, to fix bugs and not to introduce new features, changing requirements to a newer OS and SQL requirement while a lot of people are still deciding to stay with Kaseya or not does not seem to be a decision I would make at that instance.

    I would NOT have updated if it would have been clearly stated before and thought twice to go on with spending again such amount of money for a new server os / sql version. I already forked out another years maintenance for this just to try it.  

    Even more stupid is that I now have 6.5 running but can't do a minor upgrade but have to move it to a new server first. Resulting in spending even more money on this continue or not project with Kaseya.

    I once was a proud Kaseya user as well 10 years ago, and can no longer see any irony in it anymore.

    Saying to me that I'm on an unsupported configuration is the same as arresting somebody for going over the speed limit just after you have replaced the speedlimit  sign, once he passed it.

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  • I did check with support and what Brian and I have stated is correct -- this was a mistake with our first version of kinstall and we do in fact require SQL 2008.

  • evp
    Saying to me that I'm on an unsupported configuration is the same as arresting somebody for going over the speed limit just after you have replaced the speedlimit  sign, once he passed it.

    At least here in Virginia, you have to be going at least 20 above the speed limit to risk a reckess driving arrest, so at best, I think you'd be ticketed.  /sarcasm /tongue-in-cheek /trying-to-lighten-the-mood Smile

    Ben Lavalley is chasing down the reason behind the change in requirements, so I'd defer final judgement for now... I'm not a hardcore programmer, nor did I stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night.

    Ninja Edit: Per Ben's reply above, SQL 2008 is a technical requirement for VSA 6.5.

    At any rate, SQL 2005 is no longer being hotfixed by Microsoft as of 4/12/2011: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/sqlreleaseservices/archive/2011/01/27/end-of-mainstream-support-for-sql-server-2005-and-end-of-service-pack-support-for-sql-server-2008-sp1.aspx

    ...so regardless of the reasons behind this change from the Kaseya perspective, I think it's still fair to point out that, unless you have an extended hotfix support agreement with Microsoft ($$$), your options for obtaining usability/functionality fixes for SQL 2005 SP4 are nonexistent as of almost three years ago (only security fixes are still provided until 2016).  You'd have a very hard time convincing me to run any production, Internet-facing, business-critical system on a platform that Microsoft is only halfheartedly committed to supporting (i.e. providing only security fixes).  Not a sermon, just a thought.

    See Ninja Edit
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  • Brian, I agree on with what you are saying in your last reply.

    The problem is we have not seen that Kaseya is still a product that is reliable for the business-critical market.

    Kaseya has been so unreliable that we are still ready to move away.

    We moved over to the new version to see that is was stable again.

    However we still see Remote Control crashing, a lot less than before I have to agree.

    (Now more in the file manager part)

    We hoped the new version would give us back support for Mac OSX customers that moved over to OSX 10.9

    However the task manager is gone for OSX in Live Connect.

    We still have nightmarish results when taking over OSX systems.

    We have had to buy Teamviewer Corporate just to be able give remote support.

    For a Trust version, I would expect good communication, and that's what why we missed the SQL requirement.

    Also the way the rollout went would have gone better with good communication.

    Also, did you see any clear communications that if you have problems you have to rerun Kinstall instead of hotfixes being applied automatically ??

    We have ordered the new server and hope to not have that many problems we see on the forum for users moving over from SQL 2005 to SQL 2008.

    Unless the system is really reliable with the new server, SQL 2008 and the april remote control release we will be setting up a project with another RMM to see if that works better for us.