I have been attempting to roll out a linux client for Cent OS. At first, I was having it complain about the /j option. I created a new installer without using /j and it ran immediately. However using -V -D and it seems to run through and not actually install anything. Here is the output:

$ sudo ./KcsSetupLinux2.sh --tmpdir=/home/Thewalt/tmp -V -D
[KcsSetup.sh][13100]: Start time: 2012/12/18 17:15:39
[KcsSetup.sh][13100]: Debug: Using "/home/Thewalt/tmp" for storage of temporary files.
[KcsSetup.sh][13100]: Informational: KcsSetupLinux2.sh launched from: /home/Thewalt.
[KcsSetup.sh][13100]: Debug: Using TMPDIR set to "/home/Thewalt/tmp".

I don't see anything that is giving me an indication what I need to look at from here.. Any ideas?