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Best Practices - New PC setup

  • We setup a lot of new computers for clients and i'm looking to make the process more efficient.

    I would like to automate as many steps as possible. I was thinking of maybe creating the idea new computer then migrating that profile to every new computer we setup. What do you recommend?

  • If all the computers you are setting up have the same hardware id say easiest way would be to make a image of a done machine then just do a BMR for all the other machines.

  • etabush,

    Something I've used for this is templates that autoset my VSA settings up for that agent. As for the PC it's self, I don't have any of the modules installed other then SD. But what I've done with our stuff is setup a script that goes through and checks for software that should be installed for that customer, then reports back what's missing in a single list to a ticket for anything that must include an uninstall of another product 1st (like AV). Anything that doesn't require an uninstall just get's pushed auto, like java, adobe versions, IE settings, desktop icons, drive mappings, fav's, etc....

    I think though if you're really in bedded into the customer though and can control their hardware inventory (what they're buying), disk imaging may be the best solution, b/c then you can maintain that one image and push that out even for virus's that take too much trouble to fix (like the one's that take more then 2 hours to clean).

    So if you can control their hardware maybe something like :

    Desktop Policy and Migration - to back up their profiles for restore

    Imaging and Deployment - to push/deploy images to PC's, on-net.

    Heck, you could push fresh images nightly if you needed to with that sort of solution properly managed.

    but I'm betting like me, your customers have such a wide mix b/c they don't like to stick to a single vendor.

  • Techexpert0011,

    If I create an image that has the kaseay anti-virus and anti malware on it will kaseya pick up that its installed (maybe I will have to run a verify for it to notice it). Only thing is this may cause issues with the AV updater.

    Whats BMR? Is that the same as BuDR (Backup disaster and recovery)?


    I will definitely try using imaging and see how that works out. You mentioned the different vendors, does it matter if a computer is dell or HP...? As long as they running the same OS the image can be the same

  • BMR stands for Bare Metal Recovery, basically all you do is take an image of a machine that is setup just how you want it. Then you save that image to a cd and every time you have to make another machine you just put in that cd and it makes it the same as the first box (setting, software, everything is the same). Kaseya should notice thats its installed after you run a verify.

  • I would think the drivers would be your biggest hurdle in a situation like that.