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Move admin interface to subdir

  • Hello, 

    I'm implementing Kaseya and I wish to make the admin interface available through our reverse proxy/loadbalancer.
    We have a single logon page for access on the reverse proxy. The agent is then able to go to root.tld/software1, or root.tld/software2
    I now wish to add kaseya to this like root.tld/kaseya

    The best way to make this happen is to have the keseya install serve the webpages not in the website root, but under the subdirectory /kaseya

    Can this be done somehow?

  • Adding a rewrite rule to IIS for URL rewriting /kaseya to / is not that hard.

    But Kaseya uses many differend methods to link to resources, so that requires rewriting the output.

    For this one should start by disabling gzip compression (or removing it and adding it before it goes to the rewrite module). But since there are many folders and methods we are talking about, I don't see this as a valid solution.

    Is there really no way of doing this through a config change?