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Remote Control for non master scope

  • Hello. I have a scope setup for a user which allows them to only view 2 machines. However that's all they can do and i need them to be able to remote control these 2 machines and only these 2 machines. Can this be done if so how? Thanks 

  • Hi  

    This can be done with User Roles.

    Scopes dictate what the users can see. (Machines, Organizations, Departments, etc)

    Roles dictate what functions they can perform. (Remote Control, Monitor, Audit, etc)

    Below is an example of some functions you would want to enable on the role assigned to this user:


    There are usually a couple of places where they can remote control from, so you may want to enable and verify that's the functionality you want to enable for them.

    Let us know if you need further help on this