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Licensing SQl Server

  • Hi! 

    We have Kaseya 6.3 on one server and a SQL Server 2008R2. How will I license the SQL Server? There are no users so I cant buy any user CALS? 
    Or will a buy a processor license?

  • I can tell you what Microsoft's answer is in this situation.

    If you do per user CALS then you need a user CAL for every user that will access the SQL Server directly or Indirectly.  So in the case of an application like Kaseya, that is considered "indirect access" which means that you would need a user CAL for any user who might access Kaseya.  It doesn't matter if that is a Tech logging into the Kaseya interface to manage machines, or an end user logging into the ticketing portal.  So for example if you had 10 engineers using the VSA, and another 100 end users who can log into the ticketing portal you would need 110 user CAL's to cover that situation.  

    It most cases for an app like Kaseya you are better off buying the per processor licensing.

    Microsoft used to leave this a whole lot more of a "Gray area" where a lot of vendors for web based apps (NOT Kaseya to my knowledge) were telling customers they only needed a single user CAL for SQL for their web app, because all access to the database came from a single user and process. (indirect access).  Microsoft clarified that in the licensing guide for 2008 and subsequent, specifically calling out this indirect access usage and making it clear that the one user cal scenario a lot of vendors well painting is simply not true..

    The most recent licensing guide is available here:


  • Thank you very much!