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Where there really no hot fixes last week?

  • We install them every Friday night, and I can't remember there ever being zero... but this Friday it showed zero, maybe my system was having issues reaching the update server?

    Or where there really no hot fixes last week?

  • Hi,

    I confirmed with our Development and QA Teams that there were in fact no hotfixes posted last week.


    Matt Warburton

    Kaseya Professional Services

  • Matt - Thanks for continually posting here and contributing to the community. Keep it up.

  • Mason, Kaseya has stopped ALL hotfixes and development seems also to be frozen.  

  • Yikes. Any more details?

  • Hello All,

    In our efforts to focus on product quality, Kaseya is currently working to improve the hotfix system. Weekly hot fixing will remain on hold, but we continue to address critical patches manually in the interim. Kaseya has pushed out about 8 critical fixes in the last month and will continue to release them as needed.


    Lenny Simon

    Support Manager

  • I see. Thanks for the response.

  • Our server is showing that somewhere around 3700 hotfixes were pushed out yesterday... (!)

    That's a whole lot of patches...

    Anyone else seeing the same thing - or is my logging misbehaving?

  • To Kerry  D, My server has one hotfix on 9/20, 5 on 9/12, 7 on 9/8 and 1 on 8/15 before patching was halted. I check every day and my server shows No Pending Hotfixes to apply.

  • Just to follow up here - response from support is:

    "We have means to force a reload/verification of all installed hotfixes to make sure the files are all applied OK.

    This may be logged as a complete reinstall but no such thing really happened but merely a verification."

    Learn something new every day...