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Does anyone know how to write a view that would show all computers with Adobe Flash Player installed?

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  • Creating views for applications is straightforward.  Under the View Definitions window is a filter for Applications, check the box and type the application name in the field.  You can use wildcards like *Flash* to find any application with the word flash, or you can try to be more specific if you know the application name.  

    I don't have flash installed on my PC so I don't know what the full name of the application is, but I assume if you have access to a PC with it it'll be easy to find.

    Keep in mind you'll want to use the .exe name of the application, something like "Adobe Flash Player" probably won't work, but "FlashPlayerPlugin1.80294.exe" will, in which case you can probably just search for "FlashPlayer*' or something to that effect.  

  • I have multiple views and look for:




    4)FlashPlayerApp.exe with Version String <

    But when reporting on the active installation I use FlashUtil*Plugin.exe with a Directory Path of C:\Windows\System32\Macromed\Flash

    From what I have read (and seen this year) all browsers have begun deprecating its use with a final EOL of end-of-year 2020.

  • Let me add a small warning to this seemingly straightforward scenario.

    The Audit needed to have up-to-date information on software installed on the machine is a Baseline Audit, while in the past a Latest Audit would have been enough. This was confirmed by Kaseya, but still sounds strange. A Baseline Audit, at least in our case, doesn't update version information for software or indeed finds new software you installed last week.

    According to Kaseya help you should run Baseline Audit only once, when installing an agent. If you want these kind of views to provide current and correct information you should consider running them once a week, maybe month and be aware your results aren't realtime. If you need that, you will have to look elsewhere...


    My warning is already overtaken by recent events. Just tested a Latest Audit after copying a VLC Player 3.0.0 and that was discovered just fine. I then copied a 3.0.4 version vlc.exe over the 3.0.0 version and that information was updated without problems. So, the Latest Audit once again does work to update version information. Not sure when this was fixed again, must have been the last patch. I couldn't find that in the release notes. Thank you, Kaseya....

    In the last 2, 3 months we've discussed this issue a few times and now we find it's silently been solved.... OK!
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