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I'm trying to automate the update patches and new versions of skype in the company. What is the best and efficient way to do this with Kaseya?

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  • I guess the new Software Management module is an option and that's available in 9.4 and 9.5.

    The free part is supposed to replace the old Patch Management, but the functionality is still being developed by Kaseya and will need some time to actually be helpful, depending on your needs and number of machines.

    Then, there's the paid part that can deploy and keep up to date a chosen list of applications. I'm not sure what version of Skype you're using and if it's part of Office 365, that should keep it up to date without any help by Kaseya. But Skype and Skype for Business for 32 and 64 bit is indeed an option in the list of applications and can be maintained by Software Management.