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  • This may have been covered but i would like to ask fresh as things change 

    what is the correct settings in Kaseya KAV profiles to protect against ransomware.

  • Hi Andrew, KAV has a System Watcher component which is designed specifically for protection against ransomware and unknown threats. Make sure that you have it enabled in your AV profile and all its features are turned on as well.

  • thanks one more thing should the on detecting malware activity be set to automatic or terminate ?

  • Here is the description of settings from Kasersky:

    Skip—take no action, only record the detection of malicious activity in the report

    Terminate the malicious program—stop the malware and unload it from the memory

    Move file to Quarantine—stop the program and move its executable file into the Quarantine repository

    Select action automatically—the same as Move file to Quarantine

    I would set it to 'Automatic', this is a default one.