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Monitoring SQL instances

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We have loads of clients who have different sql instances we would like to monitor, we have over 100 different sql instances spread over our clients.

We found a workaround to get monitorset: ID 4133 working 

But for monitorset ID: 4134 Sql server performance counters we can't find a similiar thing since most instances have their own name like : Veam.

The only idea we found so far is make a separate monitorset for every instance.. 

Which means we would have over 100+ monitor sets.. we would rather have 1 monitor set which would work for all instances.

Any suggestions?

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  • It was a real pleasure meeting you last week! This is a challenge indeed:

    Let me know of what you think with the approach below:


    I know this engineer personally and he was very passionate about the product and automation.

  • Hi Oscar,

    Was nice to meet you too!

    We gonna look into this approach and see if we can get it working for our own.

    Thanks for the reply.

    I will let you know the outcome!

    Kind Regards,


  • Thank you please keep me updated.

  • Hi Oscar,

    i've just sent you a e-mail.

    Kind Regards,