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2-Factor authentication VSA without Authanvil?

  • Hello,

    We use Kaseya to monitor servers at our customers.

    For that we have 1 account in the VSA that multiple people use.

    We have a strong password for that account, but i want to add extra security with 2-factor authentication.

    The only thing i find is using AuthAnvil.

    In our Kaseya server there is an Autanvil option, but i believe you have to setup a Authanvil 'server' for that which comes with extra license cost.

    While authantvil looks like a good product with lots of features i think it's too much for us.

    Is there another simple way to enable the 2-factor? of is Authanvil the only option?

  • Hi,

    I have not set this up but Okta supports Kaseya SAML, it is configured through the AuthAnvil page


    You really need to setup each person with their own account. MFA will not work with multiple people sharing an account

  • thank you, i will look into that.