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Is anyone running their Kaseya instance in Azure yet?

  • We're exploring it as an option right now.

  • We've been doing that for several years, running a full Windows server with SQL.

  • We have been running it a couple of years now..

    Best decision we have made.. We were a SAAS customer and the application did not perform well for us and we missed out on functionality of the VSA.

  • Are you dedicating 2 VMs for Kaseya/SQL in Azure? What kind of monthly costs are you seeing? We have about 1500 endpoints and Ive also run into some issues with using the SAAS VSA offering.

  • yes we are using a app and DB servers

    not sure of the cost but whatever we are paying, it is not an issue because we have gotten great performance out of the applications.

    We have 3000 endpoints, and we sized the installation to hand 10k end points. The sooner you get off SAAS, the better it will be for you.

  • Are you guys using Azure SQL? We're debating going that route.

  • I just migrated ours from on-prem VMware to Azure using Azure Site Recovery. Other than an odd issue where the VSA couldn't reconnect to the database if I used a new IP scheme (even after trying the "fix connection" wizard many times and wasting a bunch of time with Kaseya support), the migration went really well.

    We have close to 6,000 agents, and I'm running a DS3v2 Promo for the VSA server, and a DS13v2 Promo for the SQL server. Both servers are using Premium storage, with a standard storage disk for the nightly backups.

    Performance so far has been better than when it was on-prem, where we had a couple similarly sized VMs in VMware, with 10k SAS storage on an HP 3PAR.

    My main gripe is that with the on-prem servers we were using StorageCraft to grab hourly backups, and in Azure Backup you can only get one snapshot a day at this point. Also because we are using managed disks, we can't use ASR in Azure for quicker recovery in the event of a failure, but hopefully that changes soon.

  • Thank you for the feedback! I'm spinning up an instance now.

  • Thanks

    Do you have a rough running cost?

    Do you use AuthAnvil (2FA) as we have that on a 3rd server and wasnt sure if we could have it merged into another server

  • A rough estimate for our setup, with 2 VMs, network egress, and Azure Backup using GRS is about $1,150 a month.

    If you have an idea of the size of VMs you want to run, you can use the Azure price calculator to get an idea of what your environment would cost. 


  • We run both app/sql on one single server. We migrated from an old on-prem host to Azure, started with a DS11v2 size vm. It works great for about 8 technicians all using it at once. Lately we've had more use (more techs) and things get slow when everyone is using it at once. I've just bumped the VM Size up to a D4s v3 sized VM. This will bump up our vCPU to 4 (was 2) and bring the VM up to 16GB (was 14GB which now will get rid of the warning when updating Kaseya). We're on the latest and so far so good no issues.

    We now have 1800 endpoints, and we were at 1200 agents when originally moved to azure, another reason we needed bump spec up some. The great thing about azure is you can adjust your VM size on the fly and it only brings you down for 5-10 minutes. So you can start where you think it should run well, test, then increase as needed. Azure can get real pricey, and $1000/mo in operating costs would be high for us. We also don't have anywhere near 6000 agents, or that setup mentioned above would be ideal. After base price of VM + backups + charges for data, we're sitting around $300-$350 / mo. Hope that helps someone.

    scrapped the B series size, did not work out well.
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