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newbie alert - generating reports ?

  • Hi, i'm completely new to Kaseya and i have just adopted an existing installation in my new job, i have no documentation for the Kaseya software so i am pretty much winging it as i go, i have worked out how to generate views with basic filters to show what i need but how do i export these lists to something useful like a PDF of EXCEL document ? the only way i have found so far is to use the notes option but this only gives the machines and is poorly formatted. 

    Any advice greatly received.

    Thank you

  • Depending on your version of Kaseya, you can export your view via csv. I am using 9.4. If you're on 9.4 there is a gear all the way to right by your column set selection. Click that and it will give you the options you need to export your view to csv.   The other way would be using the info center to generate what you need. You would have more formatting options using the info center. But it all depends on what exactly you are generating your reports for.

  • Many thanks Corey, we have 9030000 so its outdated, i have however tried with the info center and had a little success but its seems frustratingly confusing getting the correct info into a report with it all aligned when the data comes from different containers. Never mind I'll keep trying.

  • ,   Go to Info Center, Reporting, Reports, and select "myReports - yourname", and click the "New" dropdown on the ribbon bar.   Select "Legacy Report".   Then select "Audit", and "Aggregate Table".

    This report will allow you to format all of the columns of audit information, much the way you did with the view, except you can go to the "General" tab, and format it for Excel.

    Just save, and run it, selecting the org/Machine Group, or view you want.   Good Luck!