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Anyone have an uninstall script for labtech or eset?

  • Hey community,

    Just picked up new client, never run into either of these RMM's or AV in the field yet. Figured I'd see if anyone has a script while I start working on it.


  • Let me know if you get one as I am picking up a client in the next couple of weeks that will have labtech from their previous MSP and I will want to make that a priority to remove that.

  • uninstallbyproductGUI statement works well for us

  • You probably need The labtech agent uninstaller - run that to get rid of the Labtech agent; Labtech isn't on the add/remove programs list.


  • For Eset I use the following in an executeshellcommand as system (This will reboot automatically at the end and uninstall anything else named Eset as well)-

    wmic.exe product where "name like '%Eset%'" call uninstall  /nointeractive

  • For labtech the uninstall by product guid worked. For ESET I used symantec sepprep utility which will remove virtually any AV, and for screen connect i used www.screencast.com/.../3pa1BTjXnTwx

    Thanks for the help everyone!

  • I created and uploaded an Agent Procedure to uninstall Labtech Agens.

    It's up on Automation Exchange.


    I'll be working on creating and uploading similar ones for Eset to make it easy for everyone.