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Refresh issues when changing groups

  • Is anyone else seeing refresh issues changing groups? I've had it before but I believe it's gotten worse since the 9.4.15 update. When I change groups in the vsa the page does not reload with the new group, and I have to click another section under the module that I am in then go back to get the correct view.

  • We are getting the same in 9.3.30

  • Glad i'm not the only one. I just opened a ticket with support.

  • We have just upgraded from 9.2 to 9.4.15 and have noticed it happening a couple of times a day as well.

  • Same here. It's not consistent, but it does happen most frequently in the manage agents screen for us.

  • Hi All,

    Problem ticket for this is #176258 if you would like to reference this when submitting your support ticket.

  • Thought it was just me or some Chrome plugin I had installed.

  • yes we did the update to 9.3.31 and it is pretty bad for us

  • I have been seeing it for quite a while. Not sure when it first started though. We have been on 9.3 since right after it was GA. I don't remember if it was an issue when I first upgraded or if it came along in a Patch. I only have a beta of 9.4 right now and am not in it nearly as much. Seems that it must be some code that is in both though. I upgraded to 9.3.31 last week and still seeing it in there. We generally connect using Chrome. I will try to test it out in other browsers as well though.
  • We upgraded to last night, we are seeing this quite often.

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  • Our KServer: Version Number:, Installed Patch Level:



    Refresh rarely works with IE, Firefox, Chrome or Edge.

    Have to go to another tab or menu item and then go back. VERY FRUSTRATING

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  • We are also having this issue. Only way to get the gui/view to actually refresh is to use the browsers refresh (F5) or selecting the section again. the gui's Refresh button does not refresh the data.

    Easy way to test this is to sort Manage Agents view with clicking any of the columns = nothing really changes, but if you hit F5, the agents get sorted.