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Hot Spare Kaseya server 9.3 in AWS

  • We are moving our Kaseya server to AWS. Our endpoints are global, usually behind firewalls. We specify IP address and DNS rules to customers so agents can talk to servers.

    To make this work, we have some complex configurations, but not relevant to the question.

    Does anyone have experience with hot spares in AWS? I'd like to be able to regenerate a Kaseya server quickly, but this 9.3 installation is very slow and manual, so a hot spare, previously setup, maybe an AMI, seems like a good solution. Likely I'd save DB data in S3 bucket(s). Seems like a good idea to put the spare in a different AWS region.

  • Hi  

    You can create an AMI from your live instance and spin up that AMI at any point and re-assign the elastic IP to that box.

    The key is that you continue using the same database or it will cause issues with the kaseya agents.