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Use a wildcard ssl certificate or not????

  • We have never had a hard answer to the question of can Kaseya VSA use a wildcard ssl certificate. We are aware of the pros and cons but would like to ask the community if they have any experience using wildcard certificates in thier VSA's?

  • Hey James,

    We use a ssl Wildcard cert with our K server and havent had any problems. The main reason we had to switch to one was because of Security Compliance.


  • We also use wildcard.

    I cannot see any issues here (except for tracking cert install). What I mean it is easier to control certificates when you have a certificate  per server, with  wildcard you need to keep track on where you have the certificate installed. That should not be an issue with good procedures and SSL certificate inventory in place.

    Kind regards,

    Vadim Gonzalez

  • We also use a wildcard - no issues