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KNM monitoring

  • Network A is where all my main devices resides, my VSA server is at a remote location, i have setup KNM to monitor Network A without any issues.

    But when i manually add the VSA address to the KNM, and added a monitor set, i received the following error : "Network path not found"

    My VSA server is RDP enabled, remote registry is running and Remote Service management (NP-In ) enabled in my firewall.

    Anyone got any experience on such situation ?

    Please advise.


  • If I remember correctly they need to be on the same subnet, if they are not you need to deploy a gateway to the network the VSA is on.

  • Bctirado is correct. For each subnet, you'll need device designated as a gateway.

  • Hello  

    As others have mentioned, usually to monitor devices on a different network - we recommend installing a gateway on said network.

    However, you can bypass the subnet restriction by performing what you referenced (manually adding an asset via KNM).

    I am not sure what type of monitor set is applied, but since KNM primarily leverages WMI - you may want to try and use the WMI Test tool (WBEMTest) from the probe machine to your Kaseya Server.

    Below is an article which describes some requirements:


    It may just be easier to deploy a gateway on that network.