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SLA Sorting

  • I am trying to find a way to have my tickets in service desk auto fill an SLA field.

    Currently my helpdesk staff is manually selecting the SLA every ticket so my technicians can sort there assigned tickets by SLA. Has anyone got any suggestions to automate this process?

  • Are you assigning SLA by event,by customer, or some other combination?

    We use a combination - the Customer Type defines the class of service. These are mapped to SLA values in Desk Definition / Processing / Associated Policies. These in turn are mapped to Coverage Schedules.

    Each of our monitor sets identifies a priority. When an event arrives, we extract the priority from the monitor summary. We then create a voice notification of the event based on the coverage schedule (which is based on the SLA) depending on current time against coverage hours. This could just as easily set the SLA field.

    If you want to dynamically set the SLA based on the event and customer service class, I'd use a table that mapped event priorities to customer service classes. For example, if a customer COS is "1", P1 events are 1 hour, P2 are 4 hours, P3 is 8 hours, and lower are 1 business day. Lower COS values have longer response times. Tie these to the SLA Code and it becomes a simple process - extract the event priority, lookup the customer COS (customer type), then look up the SLA code based on that combination.

    Our Multi-Tool (see the Automation Exchange) is an inexpensive way to help with these calculations. It provides the string manipulation commands to return a field from a delimited string (get the event priority from the monitor subject), and the time calculation functions will return a simple true/false if the event time is between certain hours (is the event within customer SLA / COS hours?