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Is Kaseya 9.3 Compatible with SQL Server 2016?

  • We're looking to Migrate our SQL database and need to know if it's compatible with 2016.

  • Based on a conference call that I had with Kaseya support regarding our own infrastructure upgrade project last week, it's my understanding that SQL 2016 works but is not officially supported on 9.2 and is supported on 9.3.  I don't have any links or documentation to prove that -- it was a verbal discussion we were having at the time.

  • Gut feel: should be OK. Kaseya's DB is pretty stock standard and doesn't do anything tricky that would be likely to make it highly version dependent. It works on 2008-2014 currently, so it's pretty uniformly compatible as far as I can tell.

  • Kaseya Support sent me to the Kaseya server requirements that doesn't have 2016 on the list. I'm hoping for something a little more concrete before I dive in.

    Kaseya Server SQL Requirements:

    SQL Server 2008, 2008 R2, 2012, 2014 with latest service pack, or (3)

    SQL 2008, 2008 R2, 2012, 2014 Express Edition with Advanced Services, with latest service pack (3)

  • I can confirm kaseya works on SQL 2016 without issues (aside from ones that existed before upgrading SQL).

    In talks with KSupport about a few things and they are fully aware we are on 2016 and they haven't mentioned it once.

  • Probably haven't updated the requirements documentation yet...usually most IT vendors are slow to test and edit their docs after MS bring out new versions.

  • I have my SQL 2016 server up and running and i'm getting ready to make the database transfer. Still no issues?

  • Running 9.3 on SQL 2016 here with no obvious issues (indeed there's markedly less I/O load than the previous 6.3 / SQL 2008 R2 combo).  The ksubscribers database compatibility level is at 2014 still though, I've not quite been brave enough to change that yet.

  • tried to install a fresh version of 9.3 with sql 2016.  default settings missing, live connect not working properly, event logs alert missing.  

    from kaseya support

    After discussion with my team, we're in agreement that the server should be rebuilt from scratch along with a supported SQL server version (not 2016). A major issue we have noticed in SQL 2016 is that it has trouble running system procedures. We've noticed in the logs that even the Kaseya Event Server service was missing even though we've run the core install twice. We recommend sticking to our guidelines here: help.kaseya.com/.../reqs. Start with a clean OS, SQL, patch, and Kaseya install using the same license code and keep me updated on your progress.

  • We migrated our sql database to a 2016 and haven't had any issues yet. Everything is running fine.

  • might be because you migrated.  mine was a fresh install