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Managing Client & Organization Contact Information in Kaseya & Outlook

  • What is best practice for an IT company to store their client contact info such as contacts, phone and email addresses across their organisation in one central location? We currently hold this information in 2 areas:

    1) Kaseya > SYSTEM > ORGS/GROUPS/DEPTS/STAFF > Manage > STAFF tab


    So we are having to maintain duplicate records for each client contact in Kaseya and Outlook. Is there a way to avoid this duplication by somehow synchonizing it? What are other IT providers doing?

    When we email from within a ticket in Kaseya we use the contact info entered in Kaseya

    We use Outlook to do bulk emails to clients for software updates, information sharing etc.

  • Alignaccounts,

    Active Directory is probably the most-used product.  You might find other solutions, but AD integrates well with many systems.  You can use AD to manage Exchange contacts and objects as well as populate Staff records in Kaseya (AD records can be synchronized using the Kaseya Discovery > Domain Watch function).  You may want to look into the Discovery Services Feature Set.  Your Customer Success Manager can get you additional information about the feature set, pricing, etc.