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Upstream Kaseya Power Pack just got updated

  • Hi there Kaseya Community! The Vikings @Upstream just want to give you all this little treat. Use it and bruise it. Any feedback is most welcome. Have a great weekend.


  • Thank you, , great job to you and the team!

  • Thank you, Ronny. Good stuff.

  • Some of you reported errors when importing the Reports XML. It turns out I was using our internal Service Desk Report Part instead of a generic one. My bad. It has now been fixed. Same name. Same date. Same ZIP file. Just re-download from the same email you got when signing up. Cheers.

    [edited by: Ronny Tunfjord at 8:05 AM (GMT -8) on Feb 22, 2016]
  • Yet another update available. The usual App updates plus new stuff. Head over to en.upstream.se/.../upstream-power-pack to read about the changes. Special note to the "Pin Helpdesk Shortcut" Agent Procedure. Check out the code and edit the "sendemail.vbs" script to your liking. Do try it out. Please ping back if you find it useful. Buy me a beer in Vegas :) Have a great weekend!

    The Upstream team

  • Do you have a URL that has the latest Java 131 update file to put into the update java procedure?

  • Sure. Go here: www.java.com/.../manual.jsp

    The current 8.131 link should be: javadl.oracle.com/.../AutoDL


  • Ok, got it, thank you for the information!

  • Is there a procedure that will update adobe reader (regardless of version) to the latest version of Reader DC?

  • On your question about upgrade to Acrobat Reader DC regardless of existing version. You should be able to run "Application Deployment - Windows - Adobe Acrobat Reader DC - *LANGUAGE* - Deploy Latest" from our recent Upstream Kaseya Power Pack: en.upstream.se/.../upstream-power-pack

  • Thanks for the update!

  • Where do you put the tools on the kaseya server?

  • Just a friendly shout out to the community. Upstream Kaseya Power Pack just got updated: upstream.se/.../upstream-power-pack


    Ronny Tunfjord


  • Hi Ron, I've got a question about removing old versions of the Power Pack.  We basically install the whole pack every time you release a new one.  Now, let's say I have an application update for Java set on the old version, but then we upload the new version and start using the new procedure in the updated version.  What will happen to the scheduled procedures on the old version of power pack if we were to just delete the whole thing out of VSA?

    Hopefully that makes sense, if not I can try to clarify.

  • It's that time again. Upstream Kaseya Power Pack just got updated. This time we focus on Windows 10 Patch Management. Latest cumulative update to Windows 10 version 1709 gave us all a surprise. No longer can Kaseya VSA (or any other RMM tool for that matter) control the Windows Update exclusively. This means Windows may patch whenever it pleases. We at Upstream recommend MSP’s to rethink management, packaging and offerings when it comes to Windows 10 (and Office 365). The rules of apply, schedule and control are no longer possible to maintain. Instead, focus on going with the patch flow, validate and keep the end user experience as smooth as possible. This is why we created two new Agent Procedures sub folder dedicated specifically to Windows 10 and Office 365. First out in this new setup is Agent Procedures focusing on Windows 10 Patch Management. Audit Windows 10 version, set Active Hours for Windows 10 to leave you alone and patch from command line with no forced reboot. As usual we have updated all our App Deploy and Update Agent Procedures to latest version. Enjoy!