I want to track all my assets in Kaseya, including monitors and printers.  I know I can go into Agent-InstallAgents-Create and create an agent with information for a monitor for example.  Is there another way to do this and is anyone currently doing this?  How are you orgainizing your monitors withing Kaseya, do you organize them by group or a sub group for departments?  How are naming your monitors?  I was thinking I didn't really want to mix them in with my other assets, so I would create a monitor group and then update a "Department" custom field with the department for each monitor that I could run a report on.

Also, we like to track cost and warranty information.  I really wish I could add these custom fields to assets like printers, however that cabpility currently doesn't exist, so I have placed a feature request for that functionality.  If anyone else is looking for that functionality please place a feature request as the more that request it, the more likely it will happen.

Thanks for any advice!