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To Reboot or Not to Reboot...

  • Hello All,

    I'd love to hear your opinions on mandatory weekly reboots for servers, regardless of whether they are needed for patching.  Below are the arguments I've heard so far.  What does your company do?

    Argument FOR mandatory weekly reboots:

    - Prevents memory leaks from getting out of control.
    - Reboot-related issues are discovered earlier.

    Argument AGAINST mandatory weekly reboots:

    - Avoid reboot related issues.
    - Reduce general risk of something going wrong.
    - Reduce potential impact to client.

    All opinions are welcome and appreciated, thanks!

  • There is no absolute right or wrong, however... if you have memory leaks, you need to actually fix that, not just keep rebooting. The windows kernel is pretty stable these days and can run years without reboots so I see no compelling reason to reboot "just because". This wasn't the case 15 years ago, so you may be looking at grossly outdated advice.

    Reboots were the go years ago before things like remote access didn't exist, UPS self-tests didn't exist, before RAID controller monitoring was available in software, when clock drift needed to be fixed, that sort of thing. These days there is simply no need to reboot except for planned updates, since remote access, hardware monitoring, and iLO/iDRAC/IPMI is now pretty much standard.

    With updates you are rebooting once a month at minimum (assuming you patch according to MS best practices - possibly more frequently if you update apps too) so the uptime doesn't really blow out anyhow. Once a month should be adequate to cover almost any scenario.

    It all comes down to SLAs - if you reboot and the server doesn't come back up, when then? When is your agreed maintenance window and can you meet it reliably? If you don't reboot how do you maintain current security (i.e. if you patch you have to reboot, so no rebooting  = no patching = security issues).

    As I said, there is no compelling reason to choose either method, only what is appropriate for each client. For the record, we only reboot for patches - we never reboot "just because". If a box needs regular reboots, we log it as a fault, and fix it.

  • Agree with Craig. We reboot once a month for patching. Any other reboots are on an as needed basis for troubleshooting / installation / or reconfiguration.

  • Thank you for the replies!  They were very helpful.