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Does anyone know of a great cloud backup solution?

  • Does anyone use or know of a great cloud backup solution that can backup server data and applications (i.e. Exchange, SQL Server) without requiring an onsite local backup first before pushing it to the cloud (replication)?

    We were looking at AppAssure but that still requires a local presence prior to pushing the data out to the cloud.

    Anyone? ;-)

    Thanks in advance!


  • Most of what I'm seeing available is a "hybrid cloud" solution. Need a piece of hardware onsite for a local backup first before pushing to the cloud.

  • By definition, if you want to backup something, well, you need to create a backup first, in order to have something to send offsite.

    You are really referring to replication, not backup. Both Exchange and SQL support replication, DFS can replicate data - however this is very different to backup and has wider ranging security and performance concerns.

    Some backup products 'hide' the backup file e.g. they call on VSS to create a shadow copy, then replicate that -  you still need the storage to hold the shadow copy however.

    We use GFI MAX Backup and it in turn uses VSS snapshots, so we have to make sure there is enough ShadowStorage space available on the systems being backed up....however you don't see any enormous "temp" files being created, and as a bonus you don't  need to set up antivirus exclusions or do any other extra work to get it to work properly and reliably. It also (usually) produces incremental or differential backups - no more uploading the whole exchange store every backup.

  • We are using IASO Online back-up as a cloud back-up service.

    It can back-up Exchange, SQL, VMWare, Hyper-V and of course files ;-).


    It's a Dutch company with some Belarussion developers. Support is quite good, and the product does what is says. You can install your own online back-up server, or pay per GB used storage on a cloud platform provided by IASO.

  • IASO appear to use GFI backup... go straight to the source. www.gfimax.com/backup-solutions

  • We are using EVault (from Seagate) http://www.evault.com/. They also have a bare metal restore option. You can use it as a cloud-only backup solution or you can use a local satellite if backup/restore times might become an issue. We have a primary vault end a secondary vault in different datacenters.

  • We use Vaultlogic. Has reseller pricing and they provide all the software to install locally. Backups up SQL, Exchange (no granular restore) and of course BareMetal and System State.

    They too offer site to site or to their vaults.

  • Hey thanks for all of the great ideas! Does anyone use Intronis at all? Have any experience with it?

  • Hi,

    Please visit the below site for cloud Backup, may this will help you.




  • Avandrive provides the most innovative cloud backup and storage services with the maximum security to ensure that data will never be lost after possible computer damages, viruses or any other type of threat.

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  • Hey,

    We have had many ups and downs with data backup providers. It has been really hard to find the right one. I am glad the question was asked, it is a great reference to have just in case things do not work out with the current one.

    Right now we utilize Central Data Storage (http://www.centraldatastorage.com). We used a provider before them and we had lost all of our data. For a few days the previous provider tried to restore it, and they failed. A lot of time, money, and clients lost. We reached out to Central data Storage and they had us going within 24 hours. They honestly have been great...take a look at them. All of their data, which we need, is HIPAA Compliant and HIPAA certified.

    Please share you experiences with others, just in case something doesn't work out for us...but so far so great, so take a look.

    - Mark

  • Hi,

    Our clients have been using Cloudbacko for some time and they are all very satisfied with the product. Cloudbacko can back up Exchange, Hyper-V, VM and other application files. No need to mention it back up files as well. It should fulfill your needs. You can also control your cloud backup destination to Amazon S3, Google Drive and Dropbox. Check that out. (http://www.cloudbacko.com)