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Local Quickbooks Installs and Local Admins

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Just curious if anyone else is struggling with having to have users be local admins when dealing with local copies of Quick Books.

We have a client who is a CPA and each of the users has to open, read, and edit multiple Quick Book files across a wide range of iterations from 2008-2014.

If we take Local Admin rights away from the users they're functionality is null. They cannot update QB to match new files as they come in, they cannot update payroll files for older files and in essence when it comes to QB they are at a stand still. 

Has anyone found a way to allow user's Local Admin creds for using QB but still limits their impact on the system?

We've tried changing them to Power Users, but according to QB itself the user using QB must have Local Admin Rights to the machine.

Any thoughts?

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  • We have just been on the - We do it for you answer line ... but all the same it would be easier if there was a better solution ...