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Windows Auto Update Disabled but machine still downloads updates from internet

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Hello All,

I have configured Windows Auto Updates to be DISABLED on my machines. However, the workstations still download their own updates through their local windows update service. This creates confusion as the machines are prompting the users to install these updates.

My settings for the file source are set this way:

From \\server_name\MyUpdateFolder_name\ (on server_name.root.company at e:\MyUpdateFolder_name\ via internet) - To temp directory on drive with most free space - Delete after install

So this should mean that the updates should not be coming from anywhere but the patch management through Kaseya. Why do I still get the little Windows Update icon in the toolbar if it is being managed by Kaseya? What am I missing?

Machine is Windows 7
Kaseya agent version -

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  • Check for Group Policy objects that are (re)configuring Windows Update. You can do that from a domain controller... open GP console, then run a Resultant Set of Policy against one of the affected workstations. It will tell you specifically what GPO, if any, are messing you up.

  • That will be looked into as well. However, I can set the patches to be disabled and then for some reason - check back and the machine now shows: Configured to automatically download and notify user for installation.

  • I believe that status is updated when a Patch Scan is run. In other words, it is only reporting the current configuration, not changing it. We can be totally sure by checking the Configuration Changes log to see if another admin is maybe resetting it after you.