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KSC 1.0 test pilot problems

  • Hello there,

    We are in the test program for Kaseya Security Center (KSC). We are having problems with the performance of Kav 10. lately the system running kav 10 are very slow.

    Anyone having this problem? if we stop the kaspersky engine / or temporally stop the defense all goes well. but after reboot or enabling the defense back again , system is slow again. In task manager the systems are not busy.

    any ideas are welcome (ticket already created by support, but no answer so far)



  • Hi Jeroen,

    What's the ticket number, please?


  • CS177627

    - we think it has something to do with this update ? KB2859537

  • Thanks Jeroen, I just updated the ticket and have asked a senior specialist to take a look

  • Hi Amando,

    they still looking at this. but the problem still exists. its due a combination of kaseya / kaspersky v10 / windows 7. Shutting down machines takes around 5 minutes. if we disable kaspersky it shuts down normal.

    problem is now existing 4 weeks. can't imagine we are the only one with this problem?


  • Hi Jeroen,

    Unfortunately we're still waiting on Kaspersky. I am personally monitoring this ticket and as soon as we have an update, we will let you know.

    Apologies for the delays.

  • Hi Amado,

    its been 2 weeks now, still nu update from Kaseya / Kaspersky. I am getting the feeling that we are the only one's with this problem and that there is now hurry at all to fix this?

    We already lost a client over this problem. so please can you contact kaspersky and ask them that status and an ETA of the solutions. its been to long know! this isn't support anymore!

    Regards, Jeroen

  • Hi Jeroen,

    Apologies for the delays; the Kaseya support tech has collected the logs and memory dumps you provided and passed them on to Kaspersky. But unfortunately, we have not had any further updates from them. I have just emailed the tech working this ticket and Travis, the most senior KAV support specialist, asking them to put pressure on Kaspersky.

    I am keeping an eye on the ticket myself, but at this time I am afraid I have no updates for you.

    Apologies again and thank you for your patience.


  • Bump

    Jeroen, i am also on the test pilot of security center and went full blown in production. Now kaseya is saying they tossed that module and shouldn't be using it.

    What have you done?

  • who said that Josh? we are also still using it in prod as KAV/KAV still have no support for latest OS and we were adviced to keep on KSC untill the winter release....

  • Hi Josh, I heard the same. I recently talked to Don LeClair and he also mentioned it. Looks like the old module of kaspersky (the current one for the not test pilot) will be updated to version 1.5. We still use the kaseya security module because it supports 2012 & windows 8 and we need that. So we keep struggling with this version, despite all the problems. I also ask Don what they are planning to do with the current test pilots using the security module. Off course we need a smooth transaction back to the module.

    So for now we need to cross the fingers and hope that nothing breaks and keep a close look on the module. we know we get a challenge around and of the year when the license of several machines are outdated and not being renewed automatically.

    Regards Jeroen

  • I strongly recommend if you are a KSC test pilot - not to remove the module without guidance from support.  There are many factors that go into the rollback of the security modules, I have seen rollbacks still point to operational procedures to the KSC module which causes the KAV/KAM modules not to function.