Recently I setup our policy sets for our clients. The tree looks something like this:

We also have another tree that is Client specific that has their UNC, Credentials, and any special stuff contained within. We then would apply the Preferred Care and the Client Folder to each client. This all works great for the most part. Now the issue we are facing is 1 client has 1 machine that is older and low on memory, they do not want to update the machine or put anymore memory in it, cause it works for what they want it to do. However we are constantly getting alerts from the workstation Monitor Set.

So my question is two parts actually. First is there a way I can apply the Preferred Care policy set then tell it to exclude one of the policies that is 3 levels deeper in that tree?

Second, what is the best practice you guys have seen with building policy sets. What has worked what has not worked?