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Content pack from Upstream

  • Hi all. I just want to throw this out to the Kaseya Community and thought "best practices" could be the right place. I work for Upstream and we are the Kaseya distributor for the scandinavian market since 2006. For years we have contributed with best practices and content in Kaseya. From my experience being a Kaseya user since 2006 and a Kaseya trainer since 2008 the hardest part when it comes to Kaseya is to get started. There is so much you can do and it sometimes gets overwhelming. With this content we would like to shape the path so to speak. Nothing fancy, but we are very proud of the different naming standards and documentation being done in the content. Documentation, standards and processes is key to success.

    The content can be uses freely and is delivered "as is". Please feel free to pick around and I would be happy if you can give suggestions on improvments and your own success stories using this. You can grab the files here. http://upstream.se/en/blog/happy-midsummer-scripting

  • Thanks!  Going to check this out today.

    Also read through your old blog entries.  Good stuff.

  • Thanks alot! looking at this information now.

  • I really like the packs even though there are a bunch of repeated items :)

    Anyways i cant get that SMART script to work

  • Josh: Did you create the proper custom fileds before running the procedure? Also, I'm not sure how all SSD's will behave. Check the tool used in the procedure here: sourceforge.net/.../wiki

  • ^^^That i did not. I will look into that some more. thanks!

    Actually where does it show what custom fields you need?

    [edited by: Josh at 4:56 PM (GMT -7) on Jun 24, 2013]
  • I found a way to look if the machine have a SSD, SSD have the trim exensition and Windows let us type this command :

    fsutil behavior query DisableDeleteNotify

    If there's no ssd the command doesn't work !


  • What does that command do?

  • simply query if Trim is enabled ;), if the command doesn't exists, you don't have a SSD