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re: restart Information store

  • Does anyone know about a script to automatically restart the Exchange mail store for SBS 2003 

  • I ran into this when I had a client running SBS 2003 and they were way over the information store limit and it would shutdown from time to time.  There are a few ways to tackle this, one is to monitor the service itself, and if it stops, Kaseya can auto re-start it, the other way is to write a procedure that restarts the service, and run it on a schedule.

    I am assuming you are on Kaseya 6.3 if  you are not, let me know and I will adjust it accordingly.

    To monitor a service and have Kaseya restart it if it fails, you would accomplish that by assigning a monitor set to the SBS server.  The one in System -Core - EMail - Email Exchange 2003 Services is fine as it will attempt to restart the service 3 times and then rearm itself.  (Make a copy of the Monitor set, and then adjust the parameters to meet your specific goals).

    The other way would be create a procedure 'Agent Procedures' - 'Schedule/Create' - ' New Procedure'

    You would want to add some checks and such, but essentially you would do a startWindowService() procedure and then enter the service name which I believe is MSExchangeIS  you might want to do a stopWindowsService() first

    Obviously do some planning and testing to make sure there are no service dependencies that also need to be considered.

    Hope that helps!