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is it ok to apply a monitoring to our kaseya server? and what could be the best monitoring should apply? hope you can help me

thanks :)

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  • I've always had a monitor set assigned to my Kaseya servers.  What you want to monitor however is really up to you.  I usually monitor processor, disk space, disk use and some SQL sets.  Also pretty sure I used the Kaseya supplied and just tweaked them to suit after running for a few days.

  • Hi,

    You should read this artice :


  • hi alistair,

    I also want to monitor the utilization of the my processor, disk space, usage, sql and my internet connection, i've seen the monitoring set of kaseya, so is it ok to apply those monitoring to my servers? i'm just hoping if their is a specific monitoring set for kaseya server...

  • hi sloeber,

    thanks for the reply, i read that article, but i what i want is a monitoring for my kaseya server, same with the other monitoring set provided by kaseya for the other server... why i want a monitoring for my server, is because i'm always on the field and i cant monitor my server 24/7, i can do maintenace check only once a month...

    i have a server that is designed to carry  5000 agents and we already have 400 agents installed and reporting to our server. i'have a 24 gig of memory installed and now almost half of my memory is in used... i also follow the ariticle ( the link you gaved me) the best practice to configure my server... so is it normal that my server is consuming that memory?

  • Hi Eduard

    As nearly everyone has different spec Kaseya server I guess it's difficult to create a monitor set that suits all.  Use the Kaseya one and tweak it to suit your server.  If there are items you'd like to monitor add them to the monitor set.  

    Regarding your server eating up half the RAM, that's very normal, have you set SQL to only use a certain amount of RAM?  If not it will happlity take all it can get.  There have been techjams that deal with setting up your SQL server and these can be found somewhere in these forums.

  • hi alistair,

    thanks for the information. yes we did not configure our server to use only a certain amount of ram. i'm currently looking for the forums of the techjams that you have mention..