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Image/Software Deployment multiple sites

  • Greetings All

    I feel that this a very newb question but I was not sure where to find the answer. I do have a bit of image and software deployment experience but I have never used Kaseya; I have used Altiris and JAMF.

    Using Kaseya, if I have multiple sites of the same domain connected via WAN what does the imaging layout look like?

    Do I have a repository of images and software at each site?
    Do I also need/have a PXE server at each location?
    Are there settings in Kaseya that know to pull from specific repositories for specific machines/groups?

    How do others have it set up? what hardware do others use?

    please let me know if this is the wrong Forum to post this question in.

    Thank you


  • You do not need a pxe server, what you need is to designate a machine as a respository. You can set boot menus and images for each repository. You may have 1 repository for each site or 1 respository for all the sites, but the machines to imaged must have routing back to the repository machine. I would recommend a respository at each site. This can be any machine with a kaseya agent installed. I use server machines(highly recommended)

    KID Version 1.1 is immensely better than the previous release. I use it for several schools it's solid gold.