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Why Templates and Policy Management should not be mixed.

  • There is an issue when attempting to use both Policies created under Policy Management and the use of applying a policy to an Agent Template. The use of an All Agents view has become popular; this view has no selections and so in effect isn’t a filter at all and lists all agents managed under the VSA console. It also gives you the ability to apply a policy to an Agent that hasn’t run an Audit i.e. Agent Templates. Applying a Policy to an Agent Template is not a functional union of ideas and can cause some unexpected and unintended results. The first of which is that as you edit a Policy and then apply those changes you create duplicates under the Templates procedure list as shown.

    If you are still using an installation package that copies this Template’s settings to the new Agent you can infer that this may be one of the reasons that you have installation issues and system degradation after the agent installation.

              The All Agents view should not be used and should be removed. The policies that use this view will be disabled if that policy has been applied via the Organization/Machine Group function. The policies that used the All Agents view will have to be edited and an appropriate View aka filter selected such as All Windows Operating systems so that it is only applied to systems that have had an Audit run on them. This will ensure best recommend practices and proper operation of the agent policy management it will also eliminate duplication of procedures and monitor set assignment to your Agent Templates.

            The uses of an Agent Template to install settings before an Audit is run and applying and using Policies from Policy Management are very different. You can think of it this way if you like…the use of a template and the settings that are applied is a blind application of a standard, you don’t know what the system has or the type of system you are managing. The use of Policy Management Policies is not a blind assignment of management tools but uses the Audit to apply a distinct set of management tools and nearly no assumptions regarding the type of system you are managing. There are times to use each but linking the two together isn’t one of them

  • Thanks!

  • As someone who suffered through the ludicrous templates system for years before KPM was brought in, I switched early on, and haven't looked back.

    I haven't touched a template since then, and after a few early teething issues with KPM, and some remaining idiosyncrasies, it is a vastly more reliable and easily maintainable system.

    The thought of combining the two systems is therefore not a pleasant one, and I'd like to see templates removed altogether in future versions of Kaseya.

    Anyway, thanks for your research and explanation Ron - nicely put.

  • Yea templates were the old school way we made things worked. Policy Mgmt is far more advanced...I have not touched templates since using KPM. Happy Friday !

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  • How do you configure Event Log , remote control or MBAM settings with Policy Mgmt?

    I can't see how Policy Mgmt can be used exclusively... seems like another Kaseya module that is under done.

    Why isn't there a way to automatically deploy MBAM? (Or AV for that matter, not that I use it anymore. Learnt the hard way on KAV). I have spent a fair bit of time deconstructing the system install scripts for MBAM - beats me why Kaseya felt the need to create an install, uninstall, get install log script for each and every machine MBAM is deployed to.