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Assignee and Pool

  • Hello everyone,

    I'm trying to clean up our service desk. We currently have a pool("HelpDesk") for Tier1 engineers. When tickets are created and Assigned is set to That pool, It become hard to see from a manager view who is really assigned to that ticket. 


    Basically I would like that when a ticket come marked as assigned to that pool it is automaticaly reassigned to an engineer when he starts working on it. Yes i can hope he input his name himself when he edit the ticket but it is really not convinient. 

    thanks in advance!



  • This isn't really what you're asking for, BUT... when a user edits a ticket that is assigned to pool to which he or she belongs the "assignee" field should automatically change to that user rather than the pool. It's not technically "as soon as they start working on it", but they do not need to remember to manually change the assignee; they just need to click save.

    [edited by: Scott at 12:59 PM (GMT -7) on 25 Jul 2012] wrote "automatically change" instead of "manually change"
  • Do you know a way to create a procedure that will assign the ticket to the person who is editing the ticket?

  • If you set the Assignee to [$EditingUserName$] in the change procedure for the desk, the ticket will be automatically assigned to whoever edits it. Throw in an If check to make sure that the Assignee field was not changed, that way users can still assign tickets to others.

    Again, not exactly what you're asking for but it's the closest thing I can think of.