Hi all,

I'm currently working a a 3rd party reporting software. But i need an extra information not found in the tables. My plan Is to create a new table and add the value in it with a SQL server Job schedule

My question is: Is there a risk to add a table to Ksubscriber database? It will be a fairly small table containing 1 colomun only and 2-10 tuple will be added a day based on that:


I need to verify if my Service desk are fulfilling our promised SLA to our clients

Select  * from ksubscribers.kasadmin.vbo_SDIncidents_General Where (creation_datetime > '20120428' and read_flag='N' and (status = 'Standard||New' or status = 'Standard||Escalated' or status = 'Standard||Need to Contact Submitter' )and DATEDIFF(hour,creation_datetime,GETDATE()) > 2)