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Monitoring Backup Exec 11d

  • Currently we have some servers running Backup Exec 11d and we would like to monitor them.

    There are a lot of posts about the best way to do this. We have some problems setting up a monitoring solution.

    Does any 1 have a manual to configure monitoring of Backup Exec 11d?


  • What is it you're wanting to monitor? What problems are you having? Post what you've tried and maybe someone here can help...

  • Hi Wesley.  Take a look at www.onlinebackupmonitor.com.  Could be integrated with Kaseya

  • We would like to monitor the backup status/job. We would like to know when a job Failed, Completed, Completed with exceptions and Canceled. There are a lot of tips on this forum, but we are unable to get it to work. When a Job does not complete but gives a diffrent status we would like to be notified, the same if there is no status at all from a server.

    I have made 5 events in Kaseya Event log alerts.

    So i hope that this will be the solution to be able to monitor the servers. Today i will test it and try to make a report of it.

  • Event Log Alerts.rar

    I created 5 event alerts as shown in the attachment.


    On 1 server i enabled Application Event logging .

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  • Wesley,

     Below is a screen shot of how we monitor our systems with BU Exec. Hope it will put you down the right path.