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What more do you want in a dasboard?

  • Hi, This is a post to introduce my new designed dasboard. Besides the dasboard that gives me live alertis instead of the alarms you have to go though, I was looking for a way to check what server roles are on a server to identify what monitoring sets need to be applied. Also important server scripts are displayed.

    Collumns: Servername, Agent version, Server credentials, CPU total, RAM available, Server role detection Enrolled, Alle fixed disk, SQL Performance, Exchange perf (queues), ect
    And bellow an overview of servers that have an agent had remote controll in the last 24 hours. 

    So no way you will miss any important settings in kaseya with this check dashboard.

  • Looks good Arnold. Did you forget to attach the code to create this to your post ;-)

  • Certainly I'd love a copy of that as well :)

    The dashboard in Kaseya is something I'd love to see improved. I know we can access the database n all but lifes too short and work is too busy.

  • Well I am looking forward to create such tools as exportable, but so much monitor sets and scripts need to be existing on the kaseya envirioment. We do have some customers installing our kaseya agent on their important servers so they don't need to be worried on monitor set deployment.

    Also I have installed this for two other managed services companies, what took me about a week to implement the basics of it.

  • Hello Arnold.

    Wow - it looks awesome. Did you see any chance to make it public? Or just a "HowTo" how you created this wonderful dashboard?

    Do you run it on asp.net? Did you have a monitor which is public viewable? how do you monitor your "dashboard"?

  • I think its safe to say that there is a demand for a good dashboard in kaseya (something isnt really there at the moment) :)