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Create custom report which lists only failed, skipped, cancelled or unscheduled workstations

  • Hi all,

    How can I create a customized report which lists only failed, skipped, cancelled or unscheduled workstations, that we can automatically email the customer every week? That way, they are in the know about which systems didn't get backed up that week, likely due to them being on the road, or switched off, or taken off-line permanently by the customer and we weren't told, so our Kaseya agent still lists that system as active but it's never going to back up. How would you go about doing this?

    - gk

  • Does anyone have advice on how to create useful reports using the Kaseya data? What are you using, if not the built-in tools, which seem weak in terms of flexibility, IMO. Any strings for me to pull on would be appreciated.

  • I think this is best answered by another question....

    What sort of SSRS or excel skills do you or your staff posses?

    If you have someone familure with SSRS you could set something like that up and then setup subscriptions for the custom reports you set up.


    If you are better with excel you could put together an excel spread sheet with graphs etc.... for each of your customers and then set up a macro that auto gens an email (or just manually email them each month/week/ what ever).

    The sql queries are important too, and I'm sure you could get some good help on that from within this forum.

    as for your report query I don't use this module so I'm not able to test any views against it for assisting you. Install the 'SQL Server Management Studio' tool and you can connect to the database and check out the views from there. Find something in the view that has column's with data you're looking for, from there it's a simple "SELECT * FROM <view> Where columnName like '%blah%';"

    Sorry I couldn't help more on this. If I had the module installed I would gladly assist.

  • I can't say that I actually use the Backup module that you're referencing... and I, like danrche, am confident that the information that you seek could be located in the Kaseya database.  The difficult part is getting that information out, and in a way that looks presentable.

    Alhough Kaseya's reporting engine (incidentally built using SSRS) can schedule reports to go out to clients, I was less than thrilled with the output... to me at least, it looks decidedly "late '90s."  As mentioned here, you can certainly go the SSRS route to try to pull more data from the database than what is exposed by the "default" Kaseya reports... and I even played with this for a while (stood up my own MSSQL Reporting Services machine, played with the SQL Management Studio, etc.), until I realized I'd invested a number of hours in it and hadn't really gotten anywhere.  I'm no DBA, that's for sure Smile

    At present, we use BrightGauge (brightgauge.com) for most of our reporting, as it provides really slick looking reports--pulling data from both AutoTask and Kaseya, and combining that data into one schedule-able report that can be automatically sent to clients on a regular basis... so from the standpoint of your quest for a better reporting tool, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention them.

    Per your original question though, at the moment, BrightGauge doesn't pull data from the Backup module (I just checked)... but... they are soon coming out with "Custom Gauges" that  may allow for this.  They're also very active on their User Voice forum (brightgauge.uservoice.com) and I'd requested a Gauge that would match a Kaseya View, so if you could build a View in Kaseya that would show you machines that 1) Have the backup scheduled and 2) Do not have a successful backup result, you might soon be able to pull that report that way as well.

    Definitely check your View Filters... if there' something in that filter that would help you that's backup-related (I know that KAV and KAM add their own "helpers" to the View Filters screen), you could then pull an Aggregate Table Report that would list the machines that matched / didn't match the filter, and include column's like Machine ID, Last Checkin Time, Last Logged In User, etc...

    Hope this helps! 

  • I am not sure if you found what you are looking for but this is the SQL query I use to pull data from BUDR:

    select Machine_GroupID from ksubscribers.dbo.vBackupLog

    where result = '0' and

    EventTime >= DATEADD(day, -1, GETDATE())

    order by Machine_GroupID asc

    This shows all failed backups (result 0, have a look at the VSA help file on views for additional results) for the last 24 hours.

    Not sure if this helps at all but might prompt you to get the answer you are looking for :)