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What do you do for maintenance on windows computers and servers

  • Just wondering if there is a general script to do weekly maintenance on workstations and one for servers?

  • Check out this script pack: community.kaseya.com/.../66712.aspx

  • That script pack looks excellent. Cheers kuuser,

    Menark - one thing I have done in the past is to schedule a procedure at 4pm on maintenance night which simply sends a message saying "Please remember maintenance is tonight and leave your machines online but logged off when you go home this evening." This script is set to skip if offline.

    Secondly, as part of my nightly maintenance script I put a windows event log saying "Maintenance completed". This also skips if offline.

    And finally I schedule a script for 9am the morning after maintenance. It checks the event log of the last day and looks for that event log entry. if it's not there I can send a message to the machine saying "Your maintenance did not run. Please leave your machine on for maintenance next week." With this set to not skip if offline, even if the machine is off for a few days / weeks they still get reminded next time they come online.

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