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Custom Live Connect Portal

  • Hello,

    Looking for info on the client side Live Connect screen. I wanted to give a certain user desktop access to remote control to one desktop machine. Meaning the client can remote desktop or desktop access one individual of certain number of machines from just the agent icon.



  • Check out this video and tell me if it works for what you're thinking.  blog.kaseya.com/.../easy-remote-desktop-access-for-end-users

  • First of all I just want to say this has been the most on TARGET response I’ve ever had on this forum. You hit it right on the nail. I can’t thank  you enough!! PERFECT!


  • Hi Brendan. Does this use resource through our Kaseya server to allow such remote access or is it direct from the non-managed computer to the managed computer? Just want to make sure that this does not slow down our Kaseya server if we were to offer this to too many customers?