V6.2 Password Changes that Impact External Applications

VSA v6.1 and prior versions used a SHA-1 algorithm to hash passwords. Therefore, external applications that were compatible with v6.1 used an authentication method based on SHA-1. Beginning with v6.2, a SHA-256 algorithm is used to hash any password that is created under v6.2. Passwords created in prior versions of the VSA remain hashed with SHA-1 until such time as the password is changed or the user is renamed at which point the password is hashed using SHA-256. External applications that were used with v6.1 must be updated, via a programming change, to support SHA-256 passwords in v6.2.


Updating External Applications and Passwords

If you used v6.1 or a prior version of the VSA with an external application, ensure the compatibility of the credential being using. Kaseya recommends arranging to get an updated version of the external application that is compatible with VSA v6.2. Until then, following the procedure for Creating a New SHA-1 Credential for a Legacy External Application described below can be used to maintain compatibility with third party applications.


In essence as long as you do not change the password on the user account the application is using, you should be fine. However you should contact the vendor about when an upgrade will be available for 6.2.


This is discussed in more detail in the following help file: