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Mac Imaging Best Practices

  • Is there anyone successfully deploying Mac images using a solution other than Mac Product Deploy Studio? Mac deploy Studio requires me to go from machine to machine to deploy. There has to be a better way. And better yet, can't we use Kaseya to do it, perhaps with scripting?

  • My company does Apple Imaging/deployments for schools systems in batches of thousands, imaging up to 100 at a time (not using Kasya).  We are increasingly being asked to do the same for iOS devices, and are hoping MDM develops into such a solution, or at least a tool to assist with such mass configurations.

    If you want pointers on how to do Mac Image deployments send me a message directly. I am not the one doing it, but I might be able to get you in contact with our ACSA/ACSEs.

  • Casper is the best