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Pulling data from customer fields using SQL

  • Hi Guys,


    I'm trying to pull data from custom fields using SQL but can't seem to find the Table that the columns / values are stored in.

    Can anyone tell me the location of the Custom Fields within the Kaseya DB?



  • The table in the database is called auditRsltManualFieldValues but you're probably better using the View - vSystemInfoManual

  • Are the custom fields still stored as XML data? If they are it makes the mighty hard  if not impossible to query. I had our developer look at it and it was such a large bandaid fix that we gave up on it. If it stores the data in a seperate table now please let me know, that'd be awesome.

  • All the data is in the auditRsltManualFieldValues table which does look a little ungainly but Kaseya have created the view vSystemInfoManual which makes matching to a machine easier, the former refers to AgentGuid which is a bigger pain to use.  The only other caveat is the view that's been created isn't available to the KaseyaViews account so you may need to alter permissions on that on your SQL db.

  • Alistair was correct - i was using the KaseyaViews account which didnt have permissions to the vSystemInfoManual View,

    I Changed the permissions and now i can access all of the required data.

    Thanks for the help guys.