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info centre reports and agent alerts..

  • Dear All,


    im unable to forward info centre report to any mail id's which there is no change in server and also im also not getting any alert about agant to my email id which already configured in server ..


    There is no change in my network and also checked with data card but fail.


    can anybody suggest me where is the problem.

  • Hello jaibir,

    have u checked ur outbound email logs in kaseya?

  • Hi Jaibir,

    Are you saying that you use to be able to send emails and its stopped, or has it never worked?  With regards to email, Kaseya doesn't have a built in "mail" client, all Kaseya does is relay the emails through a specified SMTP server.  If you're not receiving email, first thing to do is go to System->Outbound Email and confirm your settings.  Then click on the log tab and see if emails are being generated.  If emails are there then check the status.  A success means the email went out a failure means Kaseya did not have the right configuration parameters to send the email.  You should be able to start troubleshooting from there.

    Good Luck,


  • @Jaibir ..

    Now don't complaint that no one responses you...:-).

    Ready to help..

  • thanks buddy :)

  • Hi Max

    I just check outbond email setting and test one email but system showing " The configuration for outbound email was successful " but im unable to get that test mail on my email id...pls suggest.

  • Click on the Log tab.  Does it say Success or Failure?

  • Yes max its say Success ....

  • Ok great, that means Kaseya is working.  

    What do you have setup as the mail gateway?  (Is it the internal IIS SMTP server or are you relaying through an external Exchange server?

    If you're using the internal SMTP server go to the SMTP install directory (usually something like c:\inetpub\smtproot but can't remember exactly) and see if there are any emails in the queue, badmail or any other folders.  You can also try sending a test email through Kaseya and watch the queue folder to see if it ever makes it there.  If all that stuff works, it could be that your internal mail server does not have permissions to send outbound email.

    The other thing to try is to do the opposite of what you're doing.  In other words, if you're relaying through Internal SMTP then try an external Exchange/Mail server.  If you're relaying externally, then try to use the internal SMTP server.  

  • thanksssss

  • You'll probably also want to check that if you are relaying through an exchange server that you add the IP address of your Kaseya server to the allowed list of relayers.