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I am curious how many have made the investment into Kaseya Anti-Malware? Have you found this to be a good, proactive investment into protecting your customers?

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  • I got this 2 days ago and it seems to be doing well - I have a lot of customers I am moving into this as it seems to be what 80% of our current tickets are about..  The dashboard still needs some enhancements - but all in all - I believe it to be a good investment...  You can contact your sales person and get I believe 5 lics. to try before you purchase...

  • We went with it about a week ago, but I've been testing it for about a month now and I am pleased with it.  It just made sense to use Kaseya to admin MB since most of the workstations already had the free version installed.   This way it allows us to control things more easily, although the dashboard does need some improvement.

  • I'm now finding that the client we installed at has high CPU for the process mbam - which belongs to malawarebytes .. I don't know what would cause this - I turned of the 'Enable Protection When Windows Starts' since we already have AV and run the actual 'scan' weekly to clean up the PC's .. but, I'm not a fan of only being so restricted and I really hope they figure out the dashboard options ..hopefully I can figure out what this mbam thing is all about sooner than later as our client is getting upset - if you have any thoughts please let me know

  • I purchased and have been testing KAM for about two months and have found it to be the absolute/most worthless product I have ever wasted money on.

    If anyone else can tell me what I might be missing I would love to hear from you.